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The Daul House LLC offers different services to meet the learning needs and styles for both the child and family. 

Reading Sessions

Reading sessions can be done on a session to session basis or through a reading program. 

Individual Sessions 

Individual sessions are 30 minute, one on one sessions that can be scheduled as needed. There is no minimum amount of sessions needed for this service. This is perfect for additional reading instruction with no commitment. 

Initial assessment is not included. 

Reading Program 

 The reading program is a 4 or 6 week program with 3 sessions per week. Each session is 30 minutes long in a one on one setting. 

Initial assessment is included. 


Instruction can be provided both in person (depending on location & comfort level with the current COVID -19 situation) or via zoom. Your child's reading skill set will be assessed and objectives will be developed to create a learning plan for his or her specific skills that are identified as areas that need improvement. Your child will receive instruction in a one on one setting where specific reading skills will be taught, reinforced, and practiced. 

Individual sessions and reading programs are based on availability. A waitlist is available for both services. 


Would you like a better understanding of where your child is with his or her level of reading? Need additional information to provide to your child's teacher to get them the best support? The Daul House LLC can help by administering reading assessments to find areas of strength and areas of improvement.  

Areas Assessed 

Reading Fluency 

Reading Comprehension 

Sight Words 

Phonics Skills 


At Home Resources 

Do you want to do more to support the growth and development of your child’s reading skills at home, but do not know where to start? The Daul House LLC can help by providing monthly resources at your child's level to support their reading development with fun, engaging, and effective activities. 

Monthly Resources Include 

Printable "just right" books 

Sight Words 

Games & Activities 

Recommended books  

* An initial reading assessment is required for this service before the first month only and this service begins on the first of every month. 


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